Updates - 3/3/01

Hello Everyone!

The project seems to be progressing along quite nicely. I have been in touch with our artist Nick Smolenski and damn does some of the preliminary work look awesome. Some of our models have been outstanding. One person in particular, Jamie, was a perfect trouper and God bless her for all her help in this project. We also have a big thanks to Jenn Miller, Heather Albright and Kerry Simmons for their help in modeling. I would say we are about 40% done on the artwork.

We should have a sneak preview of some new art work on the site next month. Your first look at Nick's work.

All the actual poetry has been typeset and is ready to go right now. Also 3 new pieces have been added!

A local college campus is doing a piece in their newspaper on the me and the book. I am really looking forward to seeing how that goes over. I will email you the story when that all is completed. The funny thing is the colleges I am/was affiliated with (Temple University, Holy Family and CCP ) don't even know I am alive.

I absolutely love all the help I am getting out there on the publicity side of things. ALL the AOL profiles with plugs of the site (Hey Kulture, spell it right this time) are so much appreciated. I think there are about 10 web sites out there with links to the page. This book is a totally grass roots thing, so when people get the word of mouth thing going, it makes it that much more powerful. I want to thank EVERYONE who has made this project successful to date. Every one of you make me want to get up each morning. Keep them plugs coming!

We are still targeting the November 17th date for release. Christmas presents folks, Christmas presents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We figured out this mailing list is now in 20 states and over 70 people receive it. States represented----PA, MA, NJ, VT, OR, DE, WV, KY, IL, VA, TN, MICH, CA, NY, MD, IND, TX, SC, WY, OH, MIZZOU. Our goal is to be in every state by June, I think we can do it. Lets go Kulture!!!!!!!!

Please keep the word alive about the book. If you haven't done so yet, please email your friends about the site and book. Profile plugs (just spell it right, ehh Kulture) and however else you can imagine -- we are in this together!

God Bless all of you, Keep Safe Shawn Simmons to be misunderstood is to be great.

PS - I have gotten so many great quotes from people about my work, I wanted to pass along some of the ones that made my day.

"I loved your poems. They gave me a small window into your reality. They were honest and intriguing, but most of all they were engaging." - Cristina, PA

"YO your shit is amazing. Its has such emotion in it. I love it man. Its the kind of poetry that gives me nightmares." - Matt, PA

"I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your poems. Their so real and down to earth. I could feel the words." - Dez, Cali

"I wanted to tell you that I think you are a very talented poet. Your outlooks (especially in the poem "21") are intriguing." - Marisa, NJ

ur poetry is incredible-its sooo good and reading it, you get a feeling of what the words mean-they have true meaning and the words sink into you." - Bubbles, Maryland

"I just wanted to let you know that during a particularly turbulent time in my life, your poetry has been a comfort, a salvation, and an inspiration to me." - Jessi, Indi

"Your poetry moved me to tears. I loved it." - Kim, Montanna

"Thanks for keeping the torch of modern poetry alive and well." - Scott, Mizzou

THANKS to everyone for their comments- it helps get through the criticism...lol.


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