ARTIST - Nick Smolenski

Nick is a master on many mediums of art and music. His band, This Time Tomorrow, is one of the best local bands in Philadelphia. They have played on 94 WYSP as "Best of 2000." Nick also is beginning his new career as a Tattoo Artist. In his art career, Nick has spent a few semesters at The Art Institute of Philadelphia. He is currently working on his new career in body art. His recent works in art have been with Black and White photography. B&W photography happens to be a fascinating art to enjoy. Thats why I got the best person I knew to help me out. Nick and I have laid down some WICKED theory. If you are interested in HARDCORE music and would like to find dates of THIS TIME TOMORROW'S shows, or are interested in a TTT CD, please email him through this website.

I want to give a HUGE shout out to Brian at Gemeni Tattoo's on Bustleton and Philmont Ave. in Philly. Brian is a prodigy and master with the ink.

Style Editor - Shawn Berk

Shawn is a fellow poet in Philadelphia. He has been a performing poet for a number of years. He blends the styles of beatniks and the art appeal of EE Cummings. Shawn's presence in this job has been a calming effect over the chaos. His book should be coming out around the same time as Question of.... Shawn's job has been vigorous nights at the coffee shop, discussing every aspect ofevery poem. He has been an editor, a reality dose and a good friend.

Publicists - Kulture, Reen, and NUMEROUS others

The crew above especially Kulture have been hard at work spreading the word about this book and all the effort that has gone into it. Kulture emails so many people a day, and that truly is a thankless job. KULTURE, YOU ARE THE MAN. Thanks you all for the plugs and keep on spreading the word!!!!!

Supporters- Jenn Miller, Phil Stevens

The 2 of you were the 2 that stood behind me and told me I was good enough. Thank you for all your support. Jenn, how long has it been now?

Webmaster and Junk - Stephen Watson

"I'm Steve and I decided to help Shawn out when Kulture emailed me about this book of poetry. I noticed that the html on his old page, along with the server itself, were really screwed up, so I wanted to help him out by moving the site to a better place. I am really into poetry myself, and so far have written approximately 50 poems. I am also into computer artwork (the kind that can be made by such programs as Microsoft Paint and Paint Shop Pro). Hopefully one day I will be able to fulfill one of my dreams and publish a book of both the poetry and computer artwork. I also have a personal webpage (click here). It has been a while since I've worked on a webpage, so please excuse the present appearance of this website. If you want to contact me, I can be reached HERE."


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