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has been a life-long dream of mine. This will be my first publication entirely of my own poetry. My verse has been a salvation for me through the roughest years of my life, and now I want to share that passion with you. I want you to understand the internal strife that comes from being alive in this millennium, the lost generation searching for purpose and the tearing of a man in an urban setting searching for the essence of self.

From Philadelphia with sincerity,
Shawn Simmons

Samples of Questioning

Food Poisoning

My poetry has been published in numerous anthologies. As the years wore on, so did my cynical snapping style of writing. It wasn't about love and the flowers smelling pretty. It became the fury. It became the realness of the situations that we all face. It became about the depressions that we know and accept as part of our very essence.

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We are expecting to hit the presses some time this summer. It really depends on the speed at which the theory of the artwork becomes solid pieces the team and I are proud to place our names on. Question of... will be available Online through,, Barnes and Noble and Borders. So visit their sites often and I promise the team is working 110% on giving every reader a dose of reality or maybe - a view of the reality I live in.

Dave McKean

PLEASE feel free to email me!!! I love to hear from anyone who has an opinion on my works or just wants someone to talk to. There will be an update list going out every month or so. To join that list just ASK! Email me HERE - Shawn Simmons.





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