children giggle with glee,
in their tummies.
walking by the games i once lost.
my path leads me not to the playground.
the corner bar fields my stimulation.
i havenít grown up.
i have grown cynical.
look at those games,
i know i have gotten older.
but have i grown?
has the seasoning of years marinated a man in juices of jaded memories.
bury my soul in liquid comfort.
toss back trinkets of lost time.
hit the back of my pallet, hit the back of my brain.
21 years,
21 horse pills to swallow whole.
no apple sauce to coat the flavor.
canít crush the medication to stop my gag reflex
the savory flavor makes me gag.
my tummy aches.
Copyright © 1999 by Shawn Simmons. All rights reserved.


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