Updates - 11/16/01

As you look up at your calendar, you will see that November 17 is tomorrow. This was the targeted date for the release of my book Question of... Unfortunately, we did not meet our goal. HOWEVER we are not far off. I recently received the first "Gallery" of the book. For those who aren't familiar, a Gallery is copy of the book, as it will be sold. With a gallery you further edit and you make sure everything is the way you want it. I can say this gallery was better than I expected. My publisher and I had a difference of opinion with some aspects of the book. There were only three mistakes that I saw and that will take 6 weeks to complete. Assuming that the next Gallery is completed and perfect, we will be ready in February.

Since my last update we have been performing more than ever. Sean Berk and I put on the first ever "Flavor in Your Ear" a few weeks back. We intended this to be a local event for poets. We got a strong turnout and I must say it was a blast. We even had an appearance by a professional wrestler (no I'm not kidding!). All those who made it, I hope you had a good time. WE ARE putting on a Flavor in Your Ear II on 11/30/01. I sincerely hope all of you in the Philadelphia area can make it. Berk, Myself and Christy Ridgely will definateltly be appearing. I have also been working with a new group down at Temple University. They are highly talented folks. I hope I can mix these two worlds and put on a huge show at FIYE2. I will be appearing with the Temple Group at an EMA (English Majors Association) on November 20th. Also on 11/26 I will be giving a speech on Sylvia Plath at Temple. Should be fun to speak on the woman who influenced me greatly.

Thanksgiving is right upon us. I hope everyone can find time in their busy schedule to spend some time with their loved ones. Thanksgiving is probably one of my favorite holidays. What's not to like, eating and drinking and football.

Steve, my webmaster, is celebrating his birthday in a few days (11/16/01). I am proud to know this man. Momma and Poppa did themselves a good job.

Big news from Brian, my tattoo artist. He just inked up Aaron Lewis of Staind. Small world! Aaron was being interviewed by MTV while getting inked. SO check it out! It should be aired soon and knowing MTV it will be reshown a million more times.

PLEASE, if you can make it to Club HP in norhteast Philly on Friday 11/30, we would love to have you. Need directions? Email.

Happy and Safe Thanksgiving to All of you and Your Families! I will raise a glass of wine to you and yours!