Updates - 09/02/01

Things have not been progressing as smoothly as I would have liked. There has been some serious glitches in the artwork portion of the book. The technicalities are tedious, so I won't bother you with them. Let's just say there was a difference of opinion between us and them. Everything appears to be back on track but God only knows where it's going.

Sean Berk and I did perform at the point a few weeks back. I read my piece "Hey Brian." This piece will be the last piece in the book. The audience reaction was awe. I hate to play the conceited role but I feel this piece truly affected the audience. I hope it has the same effect for you when you finally get to read it!

Sean and I will be appearing in Whispers Magazine which should be out soon. Check the local distributors- it promises to be an outstanding issue. Those guys work their @sses off.

Back to the book. The Manuscript IS 110% finished. The art is 95% finished. The manuscript should be in the publishers hands by next weekend. All that needs to be done is bringing those two pieces together and tying them in a pretty little bow. November 17 has been our goal since day one. I am not sure that is possible anymore. It will likely be sometime in December...STILL A GREAT CHRISTMAS PRESENT for your disenchanted member of society.

Kulture got back in the publicity game for a while before the AOL shut him down again. Please, if you have ANY friends who may enjoy this style of poetry, forward them the address! The support you guys give to us, is what gives us the strength to put up with p!ssy publishers, and all the red tape involved in this sh!t. (not to mention you will receive discounts for passing the site around).

If you are in school, good luck this semester. God Bless.


Ps- if you change email addresses, PLEASE tell me. I want to keep in touch with all of you. I like having acquaintances around the world!