Updates - 06/13/01

This has definitely been stressful but overall productive. Nick and I have spent ridiculous amounts of time with the camera in hopes of meeting our deadline which is without question RIGHT upon us. Most of the raw materials needed for the pics are complete. We still have a few more appointments with models in the coming weeks but overall, I would say we are on course. Nick's recent work has been OUTSTANDING, when we aren't pissing off the world with our radical ways of shooting. Nick also received a high promotion at his work so congrats on that. Looking forward to working with Christa, Mike, Colleen and Sean in the coming future on some of the final pics.

AOL has basically taken all the steam from our project in terms of publicity. Kulture was warned about sending out "Spam" so our random email system is currently done. It sucks that they take time to attack me but we all get emails daily from Enlarge Your Penis and Cum see Brittany's Spears daily. We try to show art, and not even for money, and we are vilified.

With this in mind, we have to find ways to publicize. So I am turning to you yet again. Please, email your friends telling them about our works. If people begin emailing me about you referring them, there will be heavy discounts when the book is released for those who helped.

Speaking of the website, Steve has redone our entire site. Its so sleek and easy to navigate now. This kid is a genius. Check out the design when you get time!!!!

Sean and I read at "The Point" in May and it was a pretty solid performance for the both of us. I read Solid and Know Me. These 2 pieces were very well received and I am looking forward to reading on 6/25 at the Point. For directions JUST EMAIL. I would love to see you all there. The May show saw a pretty large turnout to see myself and Sean. We even had a fan from VERMONT show up. God bless her!

I have been writing so much new material. The forward for the book is finally finished and i have wrenched a few new poems in the past week. Sometimes there is a writers block, but sometimes you can't stop the flow!

Kulture and I have had a few talks with various media organizations, publishing companies and fellow poets. There is some major stuff brewing, you will be informed of it soon. I can tell you i will be appearing in the next issue of Whispers. I was also interviewed by a poetry web site out of Buffalo. I will have more information on when and where these 2 pieces can be read, as it becomes available.

Again, this is all possible because of you and you caring about some kid in Philly. If you get time, forward your friends about the site. Every Forward, profile plug and Link is so much appreciated! You guys make it worth while to wake up every morning.

July 15 is our deadline to have the book out on time (11/17)....so wish us LUCK!!!!

Shawn Simmons