Updates - 05/17/01

These past few weeks have been quite productive in terms of publicity and in terms of performances. The largest accomplishment was getting back in front of a crowd!

Sean Berk, His Fiancée T.T. and Nick went out to a poetry read by Villanova University (rich snooty part of Philadelphia suburbs) at this coffeehouse "The Point". We had the distinct pleasure of closing the show up. To me it's a huge honor to be asked to close because people go home with your words being the last they hear. Sean tore up the stage with some slam that sent the crowd into a panic. They had no idea how to react. (Gotta love them old white dudes). Then I got the mic and performed two pieces to be in my book, "Cold War" and "Childish Love." The crowd was receptive, and I loved being up there. Best of all, we were asked to come back to perform on May 21st. Anyone in the Philadelphia area, email me for directions. The point is an awesome place to perform and to be heard!

I also got the chance to start my High School tour. Miss Michelle Smith had me come and speak about the wonderful world of modern poetry to her seniors at Northeast Philadelphia High School. It was an honor and I won't forget the looks on some of their faces when we were reading poetry they could relate to. Let's face it, Shakespeare was brilliant but nothing I can relate to. Jim Carroll, Tupac and Anne Sexton- I can feel them. They also had the chance to feel my words as I performed a piece or two for them. I want to give a special thanks to Bekah whom has shown great interest in my work and I am grateful to have her as a fan and friend.

I think one of the largest honors in this process also came this month when I was asked if one of my poems could be read in front of Congress. The piece food poisoning was a central point in Jose Beatons argument that dead artists should retain the rights of their works after their death. If you are interested in helping Jose with his fight for this cause please email him at Betteronfoot@aol.com. If he is not in jail for bad taste in poetry (joke) he should be able to respond!

The actual book is going very well. Nick hates when I put numbers on how much he is finished with the process, so I will just say "WE ARE MAKING PROCESS." I promised a few months ago that you would get the chance to see his work online. Well, once the copyright goes through, there will be a place for you to see one of Nick's pieces on the web site!

Speaking of the website, How awesome is our webmaster Steve? Steve has done so much to turn our rinky-dink advertisement into a multifaceted place to experience my words. Steve, the team thanks you!

Still in talks with more newspapers, nothing set in stone yet.

Also want to thank YOU! In the past month on the web, we have gotten close to 350 hits! That is more than most middle-sized businesses get! It's all possible because of friends and fans like you! You all give me purpose when I wake up in the morning! Thanks.

I LOVE all the profile plugs. Some people have put the web address in their profiles to add publicity when they are out chatting. All of you will be remembered when the book comes out- discounts discounts...lol. Also the links on the web pages are MUCCHHH appreciated.

Questions for our webcast are coming in- if you have any send them...

Kulture, you know you're a pain in the ass but we love ya.

Do you have friends that might like my work? Let them know!!!!! (How shameless was that).

We are still missing five states; I am beginning to think that no one in those states likes poetry. The Dakota's, Mississippi, West Virginia and Utah still missing. Oh well, that mission is being aborted, now its time to go worldwide...lol.

For those who are graduating from High School and College ESPECIALLY Michelle Smith (Temple U), Christy Ridgley (Temple U), Rebekah (NEHS), Vince Noble (United States Naval Academy), Chris Mamula (degree in drums) and everyone else on this list- CONGRATS on your hard work, and thanks for being here for me!

Until next month, enjoy the summer and be safe! Christmas is right around the corner! This project is as big as we are going to take it...grassroots, that's all we have folks!

Shawn Simmons

Here is what some people are saying about my writing and the book...

"These poems are the essence of thought essence of life, and reality. It's powerful stuff!" - Eric, Boston

"Self-destruction is a deep subject." - Bob, Alabama

"You have created a sort of motivation for me, having read that article, and having read your poems and everything else I've read on your site... Pat yourself on the back Shawn." - Stephanie, Canada

"Your writing is pretty tight. You have good flow to your poems." - Brian, Birmingham

"Your poetry strikes me as being very cynical and rage-filled...I took the rage to be directed at conformity and society in general. Perhaps our culture, perhaps our prejudices, perhaps merely at the unfairness you feel you have suffered in your life." - Joseph, San Antonio

"I have never read anything so full of emotion like your work." - Monique, unknown