Updates - 04/08/01

Hello Everyone!

This is the update for A Question of Reality, the first publication of Shawn Simmons' works available to the public! In case you forgot, http://question-of-reality.tripod.com --- go refresh your memory when you get some time!

It has been an awesome month in terms of productivity for myself and the book. On April 2, the article from a certain Big 10 school was published and has gotten a ton of positive response. The article will be available on the website soon. It is a biographical snip of what I have had to endure over my life with my illness and my crusade to publish this book. (for those of you who are interested, there is also a picture of me in the article) . When you get time some time next week - check it out. It was probably the most flattering moment of my life to have that done.

Kulture and I are currently in negotiations with at least one other college and two local newspapers to cover similar stories. We have done so much online to date, but it might be time to get into the published media too.

Another big accomplishment is a High School tour that seems to be forming. I will be a guest speaker at Northeast Philadelphia High School (thanks Michelle) on 4/20. There are currently talks of other schools being added and possibly a few colleges. Stay tuned for details and if you are interested in helping out with these dates, give me an email.

Shawn Berk and I will be doing a read at a local coffee shop on the 30th. This will be my first public read in about a year! If you are interested in coming out and seeing us, drop an email and I will give you details and directions.

Nick's artwork is outstanding. He is currently done close to 25% of the artwork. I especially love one PIC in which a friend is bound and tied, with his eyes/mouth stitched shut. You have to see it to believe how awesome it is. Another one with the beautiful Jamie, is so outstanding, I am going to frame it and hang it in the middle of my living room (not really but you get the point). Speaking of Nick, his band's web site is fully functional. If you like Hardcore music, you can check out their website by going to our "Links" page. They have Mp3's to download and a link to my page...what-da-ya know!

Kulture, Reen and my pet project of being in all 50 states by June is well on it's way. Last time we spoke we were around 30 (?). Currently we are only missing 6! Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia, Kansas and Mississippi are the missing states. We also have found our way to Iceland, Canada and England!!! If you know anyone in those states who likes poetry - give them a heads up on this site!

My email on 4/5 in regard to National Suicide and Depression Awareness Day was so touching to me. All of your responses with your emotionally wrenching stories put my life back in perspective. I am going to make this project a success for myself and just as important for all of you who have suffered or been effected by this disease. We can fight this together, we will fight this together.

We are considering a name change of the book. What do you think of "Heavy Inquisition : Question of Reality?"

If you haven't done so already, please pass the web site address around to all your friends who like poetry, music, books, coffee or whatever they like, it doesn't matter. Give them a chance to feel my words and see if they can identify.

In closing I want to give you a quote from a very wise man. If you know who he is, let's keep it between us, because he is in a field not respected by many. His name is Vince Russo. He was recently fired from his lofty position and he had this to say to his staff upon his release: "If you're ever going to remember me for anything -- please remember me for this -- you can get whatever you want out of life as long as you bust your ass, stay true to yourself and never give up. You can catch that dream -- I know I did!!!!"

I feel that way every time I get emails from you friends. But for the love of God - no more forwards! Send them to Kulture, he likes them...lol.

God Bless

More awesome quotes from people who have visited the sites...love you all! YOU MAKE IT WORTHWHILE!!!!!!

"I feel fortunate that you have given me the gift of your words. The way your words flow off the page makes it hard to resist their hypnotic rhythms. They are welcomed into the reality of many fellow "world wonderers" such as myself." - Julia, Arkansas

"I just wanted to say your poetry is just extremely inspirational to me." - Heather, Georgia

"Ophelia..so powerful I can almost touch it. It voices something that I've personally felt. But I guess that's what good poetry does." - MissHumsAlot, Minnesota

"You seem like an honest poet. Don't lose that because it's rare to find." - Moondreamer

"I hope you never lose your sense of cynicism." - Aaronin, Buffalo

and my personal favorite.....

"I have to say that your poems that are a little jaw dropping. I don't know whether to enjoy them of cry for whatever pain you have been through that gave birth to these poems." - Candice, Springfield (what state?)