Updates - 01/17/01

As of this second we are about 35% to being finished. All the poems have been chosen to grace the pages of the book. The visual forms and grammar checks are in their advanced stages of work. Weeding out some of the poems was so hard for me. There are many works that found their way to the cutting room floor but, I wanted to keep this book based upon the search for self in our generation. So they found their way out. Later in this update I will deliver a new poem that will not be in this book for your enjoyment.

Nick and I have been had at work on theorizing the artwork for the book. To tell you it is going to be some wicked work, it's egotistical. I will, however, tell you that Nick and I are divulging our entire experiences in art and theory into these works. We also have some very promising models and friends helping us with that jazz. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WELL IN ADVANCE!!!!!!

My fellow poet, friend and E.E. Cummings wannabe Shawn Berk was brought into the project to edit. He is doing a bang up job and has added so much to the project. With Berk, Kulture, Nick and myself busting 110%, there is no way we cannot succeed.

As for publicity, Kulture is our mail man. He has worked so hard to bring most of you into the fold as friends and fans. We have also gotten some HUGE plugs from our friends out there. This Time Tomorrow has plugged us at some local shows and emails as well as 94 WYSP in philadelphia during their show. Congrats to them for playing that "Best of 2000" show. Also Reen and Dawn got us some air time during their guest DJ gig on WPST 97.5. Two of the biggest stations in philadelphia have now been exposed to the web site and book. Actually a few hours after the plug on PST the site was not available because the traffic was so great on the site. I called the hosts and they told me that it wasn't a mistake- there were too many requests for the site at that time. God is smiling on us and this project. THANKS

Also, thanks to Chris and Jenn of TTT, I have been in touch with another publisher to discuss the world of publishing and the possibilities out there. I am forever in debt to you for the hook-up. Networking is a wonderful thing.

Please, if you have not forwarded the web site to your friends do so. Weneed all the publicity we can get. This is as big as we can make it ladiesand gentlemen. Thanks for all the support. Berk, Nick, Reen, Dawn, Kulture and all of the people on this newsletter ----- THANK YOU.

God Bless, Be Safe and Spread the word of "A Question of Reality" - Shawn Simmons


PS- Here is one of the poems axed- but still worth a read...

Black Coffee

the first sip of steaming coffee is always so bitter in the so bitter morning.
maybe it's me,
maybe i don't stir the coffee enough.
it settles down in the bottom of the cup
                                                       and melts.
it melts as i wince from the bitterness.
how can people take it black.
How can i comprehend what it means to drink black coffee.
I need to be sweetened
                                       and creamed
                                                          and taken to a dance.
BEFORE dropping my dollar fourty.
i tolerate that first bitter sip
i know that bottom gulp will be double sweet cherry pie.
so i drink my styrofoam friend, in
my middle class socioeconomic comfy world
asking why drink black coffee.

Copyright  2000 by Shawn Simmons.  All rights reserved.