Although we appreciate your desire to sample Shawn Simmons' work, we also realize that people have their own sensitivities and viewpoints. With that being said, we would like to warn you that you may or may not find the samples' tones or language offensive. Some may find the phrase "I hate you" offensive, some may not. Everyone is different and we just want you to be aware of what you would be reading before you do so. We are not trying to insinuate that the poems ARE offensive (in our judgment, only a line or two out of ALL of the sample poems may be offensive to someone in this diverse humanity), we just want to be honest to our readers, so as to make this a fulfilling experience for everyone. This is merely an artistic expression, that which the sole purpose is to convey the feeling and emotion across to the reader. And remember, no matter what the words themselves say at face value, there may be an underlining moral or message totally different than what you thought.