should I apologize for my words being so harsh?
should I be sympathetic for my transcribed misinterpreted ingenious
being mistaken for immature ignorance.
is my ignorance a distraction from what you want the impressionable to engrave?
sketch your bullshit on my grave and call it artwork.
call all the tragedy that is you, I and them artwork.
place a little apple sticker in the upper left hand corner
and hang it on your infernal refrigerator.
keep your veggies cold but your heart colder.
toss a salad fresh with sacred hearts,
                           untainted eyes,
                               and tender lips.
dressing could be the ever sour tears from the prodded eyes.
callous callous could be the diagnoses.
your queasy stomach must be from the salad.

Copyright  2000 by Shawn Simmons.  All rights reserved.

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